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The contractors listed below all have ICF experience and are qualified Logix installers.

General Contractors / Installers

  • Aspen Unlimited - Contact: Tony Guerney (801-380-1189) General Contractor, Installer
  • Fisher Construction - Contact: Mark Fisher (801-560-8828) General Contractor, Installer
  • Green Point Construction - Contact: Doug Korth (801-809-2337) General Contractor, Installer
  • Harrell Construction - Contact: Tom Harrell (435-241-0113) General Contractor, Installer
  • Kevin Ridd Construction - Contact: K Kevin Ridd (801-376-9463) General Contractor, Installer


  • Custom Stucco and Plastering - Contact: Robert Wiedbusch (801-509-3471) Installer and Efus, Stucco, Stone Finisher
  • C.V. Carlson - Contact: Vaughn Carlson (801-301-5325) Heating and Air Conditioning.
  • General Plumbing Contractors - Contact: Scott Stowers (801-706-4701) Plumbing
  • Superior Drywall - Contact: Mike Carlson (801-243-1149) Drywall

Contact us for the updated list of contractors in your area

We can give referrals for proven good subcontractors and suppliers to meet your needs.

Phone: 801.860.4943