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UTAH ICF and LOGIX. Insulated Concrete Forms. Based on the simple concept of interlocking blocks. LOGIX ICF gives you a wall that's not only long-lasting, photo1but also quick to build, sound-proof, energy-efficient and has a 3-hour fire resistance rating. Engineered for superior performance, LOGIX gives you more wall for your money. LOGIX ICF walls are tried, tested and approved for superior performance.

Contact UTAH ICF, the Utah distributor for LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms to find a contractor or to become a certified installer.

Are You Ready

Easy to Install

blockLOGIX forms are the most builder-friendly ICF forms on the market. Our thicker, more solid 2-3/4" foam panels are standard on every form we make. This creates the strongest block available to enable the building of straight walls quickly and easily.


Nine simple steps to building a solid wall;

  1. Prepare the job site.
  2. Place the first course, begin with a corner.
  3. Check level and square
  4. Reinforce with horizontal reinforcing steel.
  5. Install window and door bucks/service penetrations.
  6. Align walls.
  7. Place the concrete with a boom pump.
  8. Install rough electrical and plumbing.
  9. Apply interior and exterior finishes.

Homeowners and builders can contact Utah ICF to utilize the benefits of this superior construction product.


Key Benefits of LOGIX ICF
Comparison of Benefits

  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Strength and Safety
  • Superior Sound Insulation
  • Highly Moisture Resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly

For more detailed, information check out the LOGIX web page.


Play the LOGIX XtraComfort vomes video.


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